Community Supported Agriculture

A Community Supported Agriculture scheme, or CSA, is a relationship between producer and consumer where there is a shared commitment to local, sustainable, chemical-free produce. We love the possibilities of the CSA model and the community that can be created at Providence Hill. There are not many CSA farms in NSW and none operating in the local area, so it was appealing to start one in the Mountains where people are really conscious about the food they eat and where it comes from.

Benefits for our customers

  • Access to the freshest local produce (we pick within 24 hours of delivery)
  • Opportunity to learn about farming and food production through open days, farm visits and volunteering
  • Wider variety of produce and varieties available as the produce doesn't need to travel thousands of kilometres
  • Cost of produce lower than what you could buy in a retail setting as there is no middle-man
  • Opportunities for community-building, getting to know likeminded people and being part of a food production community

Benefits for farmers

  • Fair price paid for produce which increases the viability of the farm business
  • Guaranteed income at start of season - payments made upfront
  • Strong relationships built with CSA members and their families though deliveries and on-farm activities
  • Ability to grow interesting varieties, which would not be possible commercially
  • Enjoyment of a community of food-lovers and people who love sustainable, local, chemical-free produce 

Benefits for community 

  • Creation of a resilient local food system leading to food security in the local community
  • Re-establishing productive farms in the urban-rural fringe
  • Assisting in establishing a local economy and opportunities for business partnerships