Starting in Autumn, we are looking for volunteers to come and work in exchange for their weekly box. 

This provides an opportunity to be a part of the food production process and to better understand and experience where your food is coming from. It is also a great time of getting to know others in the Providence Hill Produce community.

We would love to get to know some of you better and be able to share the joy of working in the garden.

Skills aren't necessary, we are happy to show you what we do, and the jobs are many and varied. There's always plenty of seedlings to make and plant, beds to weed, veggies to harvest and maintenance to be done.

Kids are welcome to come along as long as you feel they are able to follow the garden 'rules'. We mostly have our kids with us as well. 

Volunteer opportunities aren't limited per-person. If you want to volunteer 3 hours every week and get your box free every week, that's fine by us. If we get too many people wanting to volunteer, however, we'll create a booking system so that we can give everyone a go.

If this is something that interests you, please either contact us at providencehillproduce@gmail.com or send a form through the Contact Page of the website. 

We'd love to have you here and to have others involved!