Start of Spring Season - Week 1

A big welcome to all our Spring customers - we're so pleased to have you as part of the season.

We had a big day harvesting on Tuesday to send out the majority of boxes on Wednesday. This week's boxes included:

  • Lettuces - green and red
  • Silverbeet bunch
  • Bag baby kale - good for salads or wilting
  • Bunch leeks - don't forget, the whole leek is edible and delicious, including the green tops
  • Bunch onions - tops can be used like spring onion
  • Coriander
  • Pak choy - Asian green with rounder bottom, great for salads or stir-fries
  • Choy sum - more slender Asian green, also great for salads and stir-fries
  • Radishes
  • Kohlrabi - like a swollen broccoli stem, great stir-fried, grated in a salad, greens can be sautéed
  • Garlic scapes - mild garlic flavour, great fried with a bit of butter - a real Spring treat, they are the flower stem of the garlic plant, and removing them sends energy to the bulb
  • Garlic bulbs - one elephant garlic (white) and one purple Monaro - can be left in the pantry to cure for a week or so, or use it straight away. Delicious either way!


For a few specific recipes for using kohlrabi, check out the following websites:

Kohlrabi roasted with garlic and parmesan

How to store kohlrabi, plus recipes for kohlrabi and apple slaw and kohlrabi chips

5 tasty ways to prepare kohlrabi

We’d love to hear how you’re using our veg. If you use social media, please post photos to our Facebook page or tag us @providencehillnsw on Instagram. 

Have a great week!