Our Philosophy

We are Edwina and Ebony and we run a market garden in the beautiful Hartley Valley. We love delivering home-grown, fresh, pesticide-free veggie boxes to families throughout the Blue Mountains and Lithgow. We each have 2 young kids who love playing in the garden and seeing where their food comes from.

When you sign up for a season of weekly boxes, you will only receive produce we have grown ourselves. We feel strongly about growing things in season, appreciating them when they're available, and preserving them for the off-season. This might mean that you won't have onions through summer or zucchinis in winter, but we trust you'll enjoy the variety of interesting veg that can be grown at different times of year.

We work on a 'community supported agriculture' model whereby people 'invest' for the 10 week growing season. It is a partnership between farmer and consumer whereby the risks and bounties are shared. Sometimes things happen, like unpredictable weather or pest attacks, but there is commitment from both parties to the farm, the produce and the community. We offer opportunities to volunteer in return for your box, and we hold open days and other events to build the Providence Hill community.

Our Farm


Providence Hill is a 24 acre property in the beautiful Hartley Valley, with stunning views of the Blue Mountains and the Kanimbla Valley. Currently we are running a herd of Dorper sheep and have quite a collection of chooks and Muscovy ducks. We also have a couple of pigs who do a wonderful job clearing the earth in preparation for new market garden plots. At the moment we have about 2 acres of beds prepared, with one going under green manure ready for Spring planting.

There are plans underway to grow our flock of chooks so that we can also offer fresh eggs in boxes, for those who want them. We will also offer lamb when we are in larger-scale production.

On the meat front, our first lambs were born in December 2016, however most were ewes, which we will use for breeding.

Our Families

We each have two very free-range children who love roaming on the property, catching chooks, playing with the lambs and picking treats from the garden.

We want our kids to know where their food comes from and what it takes to produce it, so we are raising our own animals and growing our own fruit and veg.

Both of our partners work full time in other areas, but in the future we would like to grow our business to the point where we could support both our families and all work together.